Israeli PM granted special powers by his cabinet to wage war at his will

In a significant move, on Monday, the Israeli parliament granted Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu greater authority to choose for himself only to take his country into a war.

The move has come into the act at a time when tensions between Iran and Israel are only rising.
Under the new set of rules, Netanyahu can now declare war with only the approval of the defence minister, currently, hardliner Avigdor Lieberman, in “extreme situations”, according to Israeli daily Haaretz.

Earlier, Netanyahu would require the approval of the entire Israeli cabinet in order to declare war.
The news of the Israeli parliament’s decision emerged following a 20-minute presentation in which Netanyahu accused Iran of continuing to pursue its nuclear weapons programme in contravention of the 2015 nuclear deal.

According to Haaretz, Netanyahu proposed the changes on Monday morning during a debate on transferring war powers from the broader cabinet to the smaller security cabinet.

The proposal was originally opposed by the joint committee of the foreign affairs and defence committee and the constitution, law and justice committee.

However the Israeli foreign affairs and defence committee chairman, Avi Dichter, later brought the amendment to a vote, in which it was passed 62 to 41.

The amendment was brought forward in response to the recommendations of the Amidror Committee, a body tasked with examining the security cabinet’s effectiveness and the processes of going to war, which has remained largely untouched since Israel’s invasion of south Lebanon in 1982.

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