Islamic preachers in Pakistan have issued fatwa, forbidding suicide bombings

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Islamabad: More than 1800 Islamic preachers in Pakistan have issued a fatwa, forbidding suicide bombings, a book which is due to be made public by the government today.

The violence by Islamists groups who often use suicide bombers has caused continual trouble in the South Asian nation for years and preaching that their struggle is a holy war to establish Islamic rule. Suicide attacks have been continuously condemned as bigoted and unethical, especially when innocents are killed, but the insurgents view the strategy as their most effective weapon.

The quest to curb “terrorism” that has caused thousands of casualties since the early 2000s, the clerics announced suicide bombings to be forbidden, or “haraam”.

Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain in the book wrote: “This Fatwa provides a strong base for the stability of moderate Islamic society.”

“We can seek guidance from this Fatwa for building a national narrative in order to curb extremism in maintaining golden principles of Islam.”

Similar fatwas appear to have provided adequate results in the Middle East where the activities are used by Daesh and other militant groups.
The Pakistani scholars, who announced that “no individual or group has the power to declare and wage jihad (holy war)” added that suicide bombings violate critical Islamic teachings and are forbidden.
Pakistan President Mamnoom Hussain was expected to be present at the ceremony to mark the book’s release in Islamabad on Tuesday, and the book is made by state-run International Islamic University.

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