ISIS Tactics of our enemies trying to divide us on communal lines with an aim to fill their pockets full

DAISH- ISIS means Islamic State for Iraq and Syria is the hotly debated issue everywhere around the globe. Now this group prefers to be called “Khilafat” or Islamic state as it wants to be recognized and respected as an independent organization in the region and beyond. This group formed under the leadership of self-styled Khalif, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi with an intention to promote not only in the Middle East but also in the entire Muslim world. Using the name of Islam spread throughout the Middle East is not an ordinary phenomenon rather created and supported by other elements worth mentioning.

In order to create discord inside the Islamic Ummah and try to tarnish the image of true Islam, such terrorist group was funded and supported by Zionism to carry on such activities. There is well documented and precise information about American assistance of ISIS and other terrorist groups. They left no stone unturned in Iraq and in Syria to destabilize the existing regimes but failed due to lack of public support. They destroyed cultural heritage sites, religious places of different faiths in Middle East, raped thousands of women in the name of so-called Sex Jihad. They don’t differentiate between Shias and Sunnis in the region, the aim was to bring graph of violence at its peak.

They killed top Sunni Scholars like Sheikh-ul-Islam in Sanandaj, late Hussein-Bor in Baluchistan and other Shia Scholars as well. The plots hatched by the US and Zionism in the Middle East were destroyed and annihilated by the power of Almighty Allah. Like the English who have kept the chronic wounds of Kashmir open since long in the Indian Subcontinent, resulted in discord between two neighboring countries India and Pakistan; the Americans want the same divisions in the region without ever being resolved.

Nothing has been proved about the presence of ISIS and Taliban in any part of Kashmir valley. The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) have always distanced from ISIS, Al Qaida and said that our movement has nothing to do with these international groups. Everybody knows that ISIS was created to serve the interests of Israel and America with an aim to present the Islam as a religion of barbarism in international level. The raising of ISIS flags does not provide any space for such terrorist organization in Kashmir. The writers, intellectuals, scholars and especially Islamic clerics have a paramount role to play in educating the masses and make it ensure not to be used flags and other material of this group anywhere in the state.

Today we must be alert about the vicious policy of arrogance and tactics of our enemies trying to divide us into communal lines with an aim to fill their pockets full. Everybody has a major responsibility to rationally ponder over the situation and duty bound to contribute its best for bringing peace and normalcy in the state. The peace process should be started in the valley between all stakeholders concerned in keeping view the deteriorating situation in the state and hardships of the common masses. It is obligatory for a peace to prevail in the Valley to kick-start a comprehensive dialogue, confidence-building measures and constructive strategies between India and Pakistan with an aim to win the hearts and minds of the people, so that cycle of deaths can be comprehended and stopped for all times to come. Do not try to equate Kashmir with Syria and ISIS, Killing of anybody is not a solution at all but other optimistic options need to be started between New Delhi and Islamabad for the better and larger cause of humanity.

Written by Syed Karar Hashmi

Social Activist and Political Commentator from Central Kashmir Ganderbal. At Contemporary Studying at Jamia AL Mustafa International University Qom Iran.

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