Iran slams Israel for trying to divide Lebanon

Tehran: On Wednesday Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Isreal seek to design division in Lebanon for its self-interests.

In a meeting with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, on Wednesday, Rouhani said “undoubtedly, Zionists (Israel) receive an advantage from designing division in Lebanon,” reported by a state TV.

However, the Lebanese nation and government foiled their efforts “divisive plots,” he was quoted saying.

Rouhani said, “the Iranian nation and government have always stood by and will continue to remain firm by the Lebanese nation and government in the defiance against the Zionist regime’s aggression.”

Rouhani called for regional convergence, stating that “all regional nations need to do try to their level best to help the restoration of establishment and security to their region, and there is no other alternative option for it.”

Rouhani also urged Muslim states not to allow foreign powers like Israel and America succeed with their plans to sow dissonance and spread acrimony.

Beeri for his part admired Iran’s support for Lebanon and Lebanese Hezbollah movement in the face of Isreal actions of “aggression.”

Iran has always played a helping role in resolving the regional crisis, Berri said.

( Xinhua Reports)

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