Iran Ready To Discuss Regional Security With Neighbours But Without Foreign Interference

Tehran: President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday said that Iran is ready to discuss regional security issues with its Gulf Arab neighbours as long as all foreign powers are kept out of any potential talks.

“We don’t need foreigners to ensure the security of our region,” Rouhani said in a speech broadcast on state television.

“When it comes to our regional security arrangements, we are ready to talk to our neighbours and friends, without the presence of foreigners,” he added.

“We are, have been and always will be good neighbours,” Rouhani said, addressing Gulf Arab countries including Saudi Arabia.

Western powers and their Gulf Arab allies say Iran is a destabilising influence in the Middle East.

Tehran, however, has regularly called for dialogue with its neighbours free of any foreign interference.

Rouhani´s comments came a day after the United States and its three European allies condemned Iran after the United Nations claimed Tehran had violated the arms restriction on Yemen by failing to bar supplies of missiles and drones to Huthi rebels.

The condemnation came after Russia vetoed a British-drafted resolution renewing sanctions on Yemen and indicating “particular concern” about a report´s findings on Iran. APP/AFP

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