Iran Building the ‘Largest Military Base in the World’ in Syria: Israel’s ambassador to the UN

Israel’s ambassador to UN, Danny Danon accused Iran of attempting to disrupt the region by making Syria its largest military base
 NEW YORK: Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, while addressing the  UN Security Council meeting said, that he was revealing classified information about Iran to convey what he claimed are Iran’s plans to overpower Syria, destroy Israel and “terrify the whole world.”
Israel’s United Nation ambassador while addressing the Security Council on Thursday said that classified information he was releasing showed that more than 82,000 fighters are currently under Iranian authority in Syria.
The details which Danny mentioned reveal that currently there are 60,000 Syrians, 9,000 members of Hezbollah, 3,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guard members, an around 10,000  members of violent Shia militias recruited from across the Middle East, including Pakistan, Afghanistan and, Iraq
Danon told UN diplomats in New York, “Iran’s military is actively training these militant extremists from all over the world and using Syria as its strategic base.”
However, figures Danny revealed could not be confirmed independently, but Danny said Iranians disclosed about 100,000 troops are under their control in Syria.
Adding that Danny said, Iran is spending hundreds of millions of dollars” in Syria along some factories.
The counter aim of Israel is to prevent alleged nuclear weapons from the Iranian and set back its allies and proxies such as Hezbollah party in Lebanon. Israel has continuously warned that Iran is building a land bridge from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea that does not threat only Israel but the whole world.
The main concern for Israeli policymakers is that Iran and its allied militias, already in control of south Lebanon, are trying to cement a beachhead in Syria.
Danny warned, “The Shiite crescent has reached Israel’s doorstep the Shiite crescent is alive and well, do not let Iran turn it into a Shiite horizon.”
Israel’s envoy criticized European nations for doing billions of dollars of trade with Iran.
Danny said, ” The money Iran earns from your economic deals will be spent on ballistic missile testing, nuclear development and promoting worldwide terror, while you are making a profit; Iran is building an empire,” adding, “Iran starts with Israel, it is you who is next.”

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