Indian Muslims should demand a separate country : Kashmir’s Deputy Grand Mufti

SRINAGAR: Deputy Grand Mufti Nasir ul Islam urged Muslims of the country to demand a separate country, stressing that time has come for them (Muslims) to ask for separate land.
While addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Nasir mentioned that the second largest community in India is being harassed with false excuses.
Nasir said, “India is moving on the path of intolerance. Muslims are being harassed on the various pretexts. Sometimes they are being harassed on the pretext of love jihad, sometimes it is cow vigilantism or triple talaq.”
While mentioning that Muslims are the second largest community in India, Nasir said Muslims in India should ask for a separate country.
“In India, Muslims are the second largest community. Pakistan was formed with a population of  17 crores. I think if the same situation continues for Muslims, they should now demand a separate country,” Nasir added.
Reacting to the recent Shopain killings, Nasir stressed that India has to leave Kashmir one day.
India is an occupier in Kashmir. They can not fool Kashmiris anymore. They have to leave Kashmir sooner or later, Nasir further said.
Nasir also lashed onto the ruling parties of Jammu and Kashmir, accusing them of pushing Kashmir to destruction in a planned manner.

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