India Received $63 Billion in Remittances in 2016, 50% of it from 5 Muslim Nations

New Delhi: A World bank report has revealed that the remittances from Indian workforce in five Muslim nations accounted for more than a half of the aggregate remittances that the country received from abroad in the year 2016. Indian workforce sent about $62.74 billion (USD) in remittance to India from other nations in 2016 out of which $33.67 billion came from five Arab nations alone.

World Bank report reveals that worldwide, about $574 billion (USD) was sent by migrants to their relatives in their home countries in the year 2016.
Indian received $62.74 billion in remittances from its workforce scattered in 135 countries and $55 billion came from 10 countries including five Muslim nations.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) topped the list with $12.575 billion followed by United States with $10.657 bn, Saudi Arabia $10.225 billion, Kuwait $4.173 billion, Qatar $3.769 billion, United Kingdom $3.585 billion, Oman $2.957 billion, Nepal $2.744 billion, Canada $2.617 billion and Australia with $1.768 billion.

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