India misusing elections at International level to defame ongoing freedom struggle of Kashmir: Salahuddin

Srinagar, Sep 20: While paying rich tributes to Martyrs of Karbal, Syed Salahuddin, the Chief Commander of United Jihad Council and Hizbul Mujhadeen Thursday said Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) resisted evil to uphold truth. He said the fight of Imam Hussain (RA) was based on truth and to uphold the flag of Islam.

As per a statement to news agency, Salahuddin while addressing a conference organized in honour of Martyrs of Karbala said that Kashmir Freedom Struggle has a lesson in the episode of Karbala as this tragedy is repeated every day in Valley. “In Kashmir, innocents are being locked up, kids, young and old are being killed and deprived of their eyesight. The nation should remember these sacrifices because we are indebted to those who painted this struggle with their sacred blood.”

Salahuddin asked people to boycott the upcoming local body polls completely because: “India is misusing these elections at international level and defame the ongoing freedom struggle of Kashmir.”

He said history is testimony to the fact that successful candidates in elections become the tool in the hands of Indian agencies and they turn out more aggressors than the Indian armed forces.

Salahuddin said history will never forgive them who participate in the elections and sooner or later such elements have to answer the nation.

Salahuddin condemned the use of force on mourners during Muharam processions and said that such actions won’t kill the Hussaini (RA) sentiments of Kashmiri people. During the end of the meeting, rich tributes were paid to the martyrs of Kashmir.

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