India has left us alone,Kashmir needs healing touch and Govt cannot do it: Mehbooba to TAAI

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday while speaking to a huge gathering of TAAI members at SKICC, said that India has left Jammu and Kashmir alone.

Mehbooba was speaking to a huge gathering of Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) members whose 64th convention she inaugurated at SKICC in Srinagar.

The three-day TAAI convention is being held at Srinagar after a gap of 31 years. The last TAAI convention was held here in 1987. She asked TAAI members to clear the negative perceptions about Jammu & Kashmir in their respective markets.

“Our situation is not hidden from anybody, but our problem is that our country has left us alone,” ” Mehbooba said in her speech.

The Chief Minister said the biggest problem the government is facing is tackling the security situation.

The situation, Mehbooba said, can be tackled in various ways and methods. “But we are using a bullet for bullet only,” she insisted. “And bullets lead to wounds and injury.”

“Guns are used to inflict wounds and (but) there has to be somebody who will help balm these wounds,” Mufti said. “It needs healing touch and the government cannot do it, alone. It can be done by the people of our country.”

Insisting that TAAI has the capacity to partner in the healing touch, Mufti recalled her father saying that every tourist footfall in Kashmir is “an investment in peace”.

She said,” We are going through a difficult phase and we have invited you to for our handholding, and to put the balm on these wounds.”

She encouraged the TAAI members to bring tourists to the valley this season as Jammu and Kashmir have more diversity than India and other parts of the world.

Mehbooba also told TAAI that Jammu and Kashmir is the safest tourist destination for women in the country.

(Inputs: Kashmir Life)

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