Huge Syrian Army reinforcements flood into central Syria against US-backed forces

The Syrian Army and allied groups have deployed huge reinforcements to the vast desert countryside of central Syria as part of a new operation aimed at countering US-backed forces.

According to Al-Masdar news, “the Syrian Army is to establish an 80-kilometer buffer zone around the oasis city of Al-Qarayatyn to track and foil the movements of US-backed militias and Daesh militants (now considered to be one of the same thing in the eyes of Moscow and Damascus) between the At-Tanf and east Qalamoun regions.”

Thousands more US-backed fighters prepared for war in Syria’s Hasakah/ PIC: ANHA NEWS

At the present time, US-backed and pro-US militias are present in the area of At-Tanf and the eastern Qalamoun mountains; the last six months has also proven that small groups of Daesh fighters also (amazingly) operate in between both regions.

Moscow is convinced that the United States and its ‘moderate’ agents are willingly providing safe havens to Daesh terrorists throughout the areas they control in central and eastern Syria.

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