Geelani congratulates Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan

Srinagar June 25: APHC chairman Syed Ali Geelani extended his congratulations to Tayyip Erdogan for “his success” in the June 24 presidential elections and “appreciated Turkey’s development, success in economy and stronger position in the international arena,” statement said.

Our long and painful walk to freedom demands and deserved more practical and concrete steps from every freedom loving nation especially the collective forum of Muslim countries—so that there is an end to our sufferings and we are allowed to live an honourable and peaceful life.

Geelani said that we are all praise for his moral support to our cause and hope Tayyip Erdogan will play a pivotal and impressive role for peaceful solution of Kashmir issue. Hurriyat leader said that India’s unabated repression and brutality has its imprints through length and breadth of the region and we as a nation have fought to our maximum to free ourselves, but we are still not able to achieve our goal of freedom.

Hurriyat chairman said that the main hindrance and bottle neck is the India’s reluctance and arrogance of power on one hand and the dirty and mean role of local turncoats at the other hand. Hurriyat leader said that India’s brute occupation supported by local henchmen is augmented and encouraged by the criminal silence of Muslim countries.

Geelani Sahib said that in these grim and tiring scenario, any favourable voice from anywhere acts as a soother which cements our resolve and commitment to continue fighting for our long-cherished goal of freedom.

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