Farooq Abdullah to Pakistan: Stop Sending Militants else India will have no choice but to wage War

Jammu: Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and National Conference patron- Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Saturday warned that if Pakistan failed to stop sending militants across the border, India would be left with no option other than waging war with Pakistan.

Dr. Farooq told ANI Pakistan has to curb militants if it wishes to improve the relationship with its neighbor.
He said, “There is not a single day when terrorists don’t attack India. All the terrorists are from Pakistan. If Pakistan wants peace with India, then it will have to leave the path of militancy, otherwise, India will have no choice but to wage war against it. Although both countries will face destruction because of war, I have to say that Pakistan will have to leave the path of terrorism and initiate dialogue.”

He acknowledged that dialogue is the only way to resolve all the disputes between the two countries.
Dr. Farooq was addressing media after the militants attacked the army camp at Sunjuwan in Jammu division, in which two army officers and two children were killed and scores getting injured.

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