Er. Rasheed leads protest march against Shopian Civilians Killings in Handwara, detained by police

Handwara: Hundreds of people joined AIP’s march Led by MLA Langate, Er. Rasheed today in Handwara against Shopian civilian killings and urged the world community to take notice of sufferings of Kashmiris.

Protesters were holding black flags in their hands, chanting an­ti-army slogans and condemned national media for provoking and sheltering the killers in uniform. However, a police con­tingent stopped the march from proceeding towards main chowk Handwara and Er. Rasheed was detained.

Er. Rasheed told reporters before his arrest, “The political dispensation in New Delhi has given Army and other security agencies the liberty to kill Kashmiris. It is disgracing that on an oc­casion when Army repeated its dirty designs in Shopian by killing six innocent Kash­miris, Supreme Court stayed the proceedings against the FIR lodged to look into previ­ous killings. There can be noth­ing shameful than the fact that state Govt. softened its stand in the supreme court today over the FIR issue. While Kashmiris had never hope of getting jus­tice but the stand of state gov­ernment and the supreme court judgment further strengthened the perception that Indian in­stitutions treat Kashmiris as their enemies and denying them justice is the new narra­tive of nationalism. The way Indian media is giving cover to the killings is shameful and should be a matter of great con­cern for all those who want to uphold human rights”.

MLA Langate, Er. Rasheed urged the in­ternational community not to be a mute observer to the kill­ings in Kashmir and said that those talking of radicalization in Kashmir are in fact trying to divert the attention from the real issues.

Rasheed said “Army has lost the moral authority to claim be­ing a well-wisher and pro-people to Kashmiris. What­soever happened in Shopian yesterday evening is enough to understand the ill designs of New Delhi and it is evident that New Delhi wants to con­trol J&K through the barrel of the gun. The incident has yet again highlighted the need to revoke the dirty AFSPA which has given the army a free hand to do what they want. One should not forget the fact that Indian defence Minister Nirmala Sita Raman only yesterday said that there is no question of even discussing revocation of AFSPA and her words seem to have given black sheep in army courage and a reason to murder six more Kashmiris in Shopian”.

(Inputs Kashmir Observer)

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