Daesh Present In Valley,Will not allow another Syria or Iraq in Kashmir: JK Police Chief

Srinagar: A day after Daesh(ISIS) claimed the responsibility for the killing of a policeman in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday, the state police, in a first, admitted that the group has a presence in the Kashmir Valley.

Jammu and Kashmir police chief SP Vaid told NDTV that while the presence was not “substantial”, it was “indeed a worrying sign because Daesh foothold in Kashmir will have a different meaning”.

On Monday, A’maq, the propaganda publicity wing of Daesh, claimed that the group carried out the attack on police constable Farooq Ahmad and “a war has just begun”. NDTV reported.

The global terror group had made several claims about having a hand in attacks in the valley. Daesh flags have surfaced in the valley from time to time, especially at the funerals of local militants.

But the authorities had rejected the claims of Daesh presence in the Valley. The Central government too had denied any Daesh presence in the country. Investigators said there were just isolated cases of people getting influenced by watching the radical speeches of chief of Daesh, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi online.

Today, Mr. Vaid told NDTV that it is now clear that there is presence of Daesh in the Valley and they were wrong to deny it.

The officer, however, said, “There doesn’t seem to be any substantial presence of Daesh “. The attacks, he said, could have been carried out by a few people driven by Daesh ideology.

Vaid said that the real worry for the police was the cost innocent people. “I only wish it doesn’t happen in Kashmir. I am sure with the cooperation of people, we will not allow another Syria or Iraq in Kashmir,” Vaid said.

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