Cries of ‘Justice for Asifa’ from Canada

Nearly two weeks after the details of gruesome rape and murder of an 8-year-old Bakarwal girl of Kathua Jammu and Kashmir surfaced, the protests are yet to calm down.

Immediately after the whole country expressed their rage against the brutalities perpetrated on a child, international media also caught the attention. The heartwrenching facts that emerged in the police investigation infuriated the whole world.

Subsequently, protests were registered in many foreign nations of the world.
On Sunday, Canadian city Edmonton witnessed the gathering of around 200 persons who were protesting against the heinous crime that happened in Kathua.

Dozens gathered at a Mill Woods park Sunday night to raise awareness on the brutal murder of an eight-year-old girl from India.

“A lot of people have asked, ‘Why are you holding a vigil in Edmonton, somewhere that’s so detached from where this actually happened?” co-organizer Cameron Jones said. “I say, if you read this story, it doesn’t matter.”

He said that the event should have the same impact on everyone who gets to listen to the height of brutality on this crime.

“We don’t want years and years to go by, waiting and watching the criminals — the perfect word is devils — just stay in jail for years and years.” Said Dhillion.

The organisers of the event have also started an online petition to give voice to the victim. According to the petition web page, signatures will be sent both to the consulate in Ottawa and the parliament in India.

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