Civilian Killings in Kashmir: Pandits observe hunger strike to express solidarity with Muslims

Srinagar: A Pandit organization Jammu Kashmir Reconciliation Front (JKRF) Saturday observed a one day token hunger strike to express solidarity with the Kashmiri Muslim brethren against unabated civilian killings in Valley.

The hunger strike was observed under the banner of JKRF led by Dr Sanjay Mawa.

While talking to CNS, Dr Sanjay Mawa said they have assembled here in Press Enclave to express solidarity without Kashmiri Muslims brothers who are being hounded by Indian Forces.

He said that politics is being played on Kashmir issue. “Fake patriotism is invoked by politicians to crush and kill people of Kashmir,” he said adding that Kashmir issue could be resolved through dialogue only.

Mawa castigated Mohan Bhagvat for invoking fake patriotism. “How can you crush people of Kashmir when you are claiming that they are your own people? Politicians use soldiers for their own interests,” he said.

Mawa claimed that nobody even not soldiers are patriots. “Stop salary of soldiers for two days and look at the results. Everyone here is materialistic want to feed his family first. If soldiers are true patriots then how come they hit to roads on the issue of One Rank One Pension (OROP),” he said.

Mawa alleged that New Delhi is awarding those people who resort to killings in Kashmir. (CNS)

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