Armed Groups Target Damascus and its Countryside with Mortar and Rocket shells

Damascus: Armed groups positioned in eastern Ghouta on Saturday targeted with more than 55 mortar and rocket shells and with sniper fire the residential neighborhoods in Damascus and its countryside, injuring a number of civilians and causing material damage. SANA Reported on Sunday.

A civilian was injured and material damage was caused as a result of three shells fired by the armed groups on Pakistan Street, Sheikh Reslan, and al-Qaimaria in the Old City of Damascus, a source at Damascus Police Command has said.

Property damage was caused to a number of houses and a mosque in al-Joura neighborhood in the old City of Damascus, and the archaeological wall of Bab Touma neighborhood was also damaged due to a mortar shell fired by armed groups.

The anti-government armed groups target civilians with rockets, mortar shelling and by using snipers.

A source at Damascus Countryside Police Command has said that the armed groups fired two shells on al-Homsi neighborhood in Jaramana city, injuring seven citizens and causing material damage.

The source added that 28 shells were fired by the armed groups on Harasta residential suburb and the surrounding areas, leaving material damage to homes and properties, but no casualties

Earlier in the morning, armed groups fired five mortar shells on Baghdad St., al-Zablatani area and the neighborhoods of Bab Sharqi and Barzeh al-Balad, causing material damage to the properties.

In a response to the attacks by the armed groups, the Syrian army units carried out precise bombardments against the areas from which the shells were fired, causing heavy losses upon armed groups in the personnel and equipment.

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