Anti-Pakistan statements by Indian leaders threat to peace: Pak Foreign Minister

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Khawaja Asif said that recent statements made by Indian leaders are a threat to peace in Pakistan, and Pakistan wants a smooth relationship with India.

The Kashmir issue is the main dispute between the two neighbors and Pakistan feels that this dispute has remained the hurdle in creating a smooth and friendly relationship with India.

The written statement has been submitted to Senate on Friday, according to Express-News, the statement reads Pakistan wants all the issues to be addressed, including Kashmir, which remained the hurdle in finding a solid solution in creating a smooth relationship with India.

The Pakistan Foreign Minister said, that in 2015, both India and Pakistan agreed to find a long lasting solution to their differences through dialogue, but India never responded well to establish a good relationship with Pakistan.

Khawaja said, “In a 2015 accord between Pakistan and India, it was decided that the countries would find a long-lasting solution to their differences through dialogue,” adding that “unfortunately, India never responded well to our will of establishing a cordial relationship between the two neighboring nations.”

Khawaja said that anti-Pakistan statements by Indian leaders were a threat to peace even when Islamabad was following a policy of maintaining good ties with the world including its neighbors.

Khawaja said, “The increasing human rights violations by the Indian forces in Kashmir are a matter to grave concern.”

While referring to ceasefire violations by India along Line of Control (LoC), Khawaja said that India purposely escalated tensions along the borders, and in first 24 days of the current year (more than 170 times) has killed 11 civilians and injured 48 people in varying firing incidents along the borders with Pakistan.

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