Another setback to PDP: Reshi wants an end to family rule system

Srinagar, July 6: In a clear hint to leave the party, Peoples Democratic Party MLC Yasir Reshi Friday said that successive governments have failed to face deliver goods and he doesn’t accept the rule from two families in Jammu and Kashmir.

Reshi with a clear indication that he will support the new leadership (BJP+others) said that it is time to give emerging leadership a chance. He seconded Imran Ansari and others who criticized Mehbooba Mufti led Poeples Democratic Party.

“The State of Jammu and Kashmir is facing multiple challenges. The Challenges of governance, challenges of law and order and most importantly the challenges of societal distress. Successive Governments have failed to face these challenges resulting in anarchical type of a situation. The need of the hour is to rise to the occasion and collectively, cutting across party lines, built a consensus on a leadership which has the capacity of countering these challenges,” Yasir Reshi said in a statement.

“I am in complete conformity with the views expressed recently by my esteemed colleagues, to find an alternative to the traditional two family system. The only way out is to give a chance to a new leadership. The State needs a respite from the tried, tested and failed two family power sharing model,” Reshi said.

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