AFSPA is the biggest source of alienation and unrest in Kashmir: Prof. Saifuddin Soz

SRINAGAR: Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader, Prof. Saifuddin Soz on Monday said that AFSPA is a source of alienation and unrest in Kashmir. Congress leader, in a statement, said that the Army chief cannot let go of the law because he is fighting the dirty war in Kashmir.
Soz said, “General is Right – No Hurry to Remove AFSPA. He wants the cup of alienation of Kashmiris to rise to the brim as if it is not at the brim already!”
Adding that army chief is optimistic that the time has not come to rethink on AFSPA or making some of its provisions milder.
“Since the General is fighting a dirty war in Kashmir, the lethal weapon of AFSPA is needed,” Soz mentioned.
Soz said,  there has not been any effort from the Union of India to understand the level of alienation of Kashmir, which  has been further intensified by the AFSPA existing from last 28 years, adding that the then Home Minister, P Chidambaram made his efforts to convince his colleagues during UPA-2nd that this harsh law had led to the alienation in Kashmir that triggered the unrest which the forces found hard to end.
Pertinently, Army chief on Sunday said that time has not come to rethink on AFSPA or to make some of its provisions milder, army chief asserted that army is taking enough precautions in protecting human rights during operations.

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