81-year-old US citizen ordered back to prison in Iran, US demands his release

TEHRAN: The United States government is demanding the release of an 81-year-old American from Iran, who was returned to prison this week after getting temporary bail for four days.
Baquer Nazami who was arrested by Iran authorities accused of spying was released for four days last month because of illness, and authorities in Iran sent him back to Iran’s famous Evin prison.

“I was stunned when the prison officials unexpectedly called my mom and demanded my father reports back immediately,” Babak Nizami told Fox News during a visit to Washington to lobby Congress for help in getting his father released.
Heather Nauret-State Department spokesperson has called for the release of ailing 81-year-old Nazami.
He said, “We are deeply disappointed that Bakir has been sent back to prison. We are concerned about his health issues. We call for his unconditional release from detention in Iran, and all those who are being held in Iran unjustly.”

Baquer Nazami worked for UNICEF for more than twenty years, his colleagues have released a statement after Baquer was sent to Evin prison on Tuesday in Iran.
The statement reads, “The entire UNICEF family is deeply saddened to learn that our former colleague Baquer Namazi was returned to prison today,” Najwa Mekki, a UNICEF spokesperson, wrote. “We continue to be very concerned about his deteriorating health and plead with the Iranian government to grant him a full and unconditional release on humanitarian grounds.”
The United States president-Donald Trump has vowed to impose sanctions on Iran if the American prisoner Baquer Nazami, his son Siamak Nazamzi, Xiyue Wang, and Robert Levinson are not released, the White House has issued a statement in this regard.

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